Big Red Fire Truck Adventures
We offer our Big Red Fire Truck for all occasions!

Birthday Parties 
 Make your birthday child special for the day by coming to his birthday on a fire engine with    lights and sirens. They can celebrate this with their friends by taking a trip around the    neighborhood like a real firefighter. He have several obstacle courses to test their firefighting    abilities; Including a smoking house with real fire hoses.  

 Make your wedding day more special by leaving the church with our Big Red Fire Truck   flashing lights and sirens. Have your Groomsmen arrive to the church on top of our Fire   Engine.  

Special Events 
 Your School Event, Community Event or Church Event will reach more audience with  our Big   Red Fire Engine as part of the festivities.  Captain Merritt is a licensed State Fire educator   and has been teaching children on fire safety for 14 years. 

Movies and Commercial Advertising 
Our beautiful American LaFrance served West Virginia for 14 years of service. She is now   completely restored to her original beauty. She makes a large statement placed outside your   business with her lights flashing. 

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